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Every guild faces this at one point or another, players drop due to boredom in the game...

...Were looking for a new tank!

Have you got a good raiding attitude and can make all our raid days? Got 685 ilvl or higher? Not a warrior?

Then let us know in the recruimentment section! 

Steady progress in HC HFC

Frostbít a posted Mon at 14:20

Our progress has been steady in HFC.

Were hoping to finish 9/13 before the reset.

Wish us luck!

Let's go get some bosses :D

Going for a big push this week.

HFC is out and were going straight into HC, wish us luck!

We managed a really good kill of Thogar this week. Patch 6.2 is nearly on us and i'm sure now we can make some serious progress. 

Thanks to everyone for all your efforts this week. Lets see how we fair next week!

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Frostbít   published Steady progress in HC HFC on News
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