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Hopefully everyone had a great Xmas.

We are now recruiting for more Ranged Casters.

We require the following:

1 x Boomkin
1 x Warlock
1 x Shadow Priest

We are also looking at the following:

1 x Enhancement Shaman
1 x Holy Priest

Hi all,

So we finally did it.

Xmas is upon us so we'll continue the fight after Xmas.

Thanks all for making it happen.

So were a little behind the curve... that will change :)

Getting a team together for Mythic has proved to be taxing as always relying on the same members to show up each week can prove to be difficult!

We've decided to expand our roster so that were not left in a difficult situation when not enough of the right class show for Mythic.

As a result were looking for the following:

Warlocks x2
Shadow Priest x1
Holy Priest x1 (with good off spec skills as Shadow)
Mage x 1

DPS wise you need to be pulling 20k or more and ideally any applicant at this point should have an item lvl close to 648 or higher.

We raid 3 short days (2 and half hours each raid) so breaks are minor. If you don't think your up to that, then please don't apply :)

Raid days are:  Thursday/Sunday/Monday. (We don't raid Normals any more).

We've had an OK start this week but much progress needs to be done in order to be ready for Mythic!

We've opened our recruit positions and are currently looking for the following:

1 x Healer (Prefer priest or druid)
2 x Range DPS (Prefer Warlock/Mage).

ilvl wise you need to be at 630 (ideally 640) so we can push you straight into raiding.



WoD Raids Next week!

Frostbít a posted Nov 27, 14

Everyone is lvl 100 and busy grabbing Epics from the CM daily.

We are now one of the top guild with the highest average ilvl!

Lets make sure we turn this drive for gear into real progress for HC/Mythic :)

Till next week,

Stay Frosty,


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