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We've had an OK start this week but much progress needs to be done in order to be ready for Mythic!

We've opened our recruit positions and are currently looking for the following:

1 x Healer (Prefer priest or druid)
2 x Range DPS (Prefer Warlock/Mage).

ilvl wise you need to be at 630 (ideally 640) so we can push you straight into raiding.



WoD Raids Next week!

Frostbít a posted Nov 27, 14

Everyone is lvl 100 and busy grabbing Epics from the CM daily.

We are now one of the top guild with the highest average ilvl!

Lets make sure we turn this drive for gear into real progress for HC/Mythic :)

Till next week,

Stay Frosty,


So WoD beta ends November 3rd. So use this time if you haven't already to try out the new raids before it all goes live.

With the release date drawing closer our last raid day will be the 12th.

The Mythic team is really taking form and I'm happy that we managed to clear the content on Mythic before the new expansion hits.

Looking forward to leveling and really making other notice our progress in WoD :)



So Garrosh is dead, huzzah :)
Yes we know it's a lot easier than before but it's still an achievement for a raiding team that's only been going for 2 weeks!

Many thanks for everyone that took part and helped allow us to make this happen.



Great start to our new Mythic team.

Garrosh would have gone down but were carrying some low ilvl's at the moment ;)

Gear will resolve this.

We will continue to recruit so if your looking to join a Mythic raiding team for WoD then please apply. 



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