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Utter nightmare but X'hul is finally down. Tyrant to go!

It's inevitable, we take a break and people realise they don't want to come back. The majority of us still wish to complete the content so we are recruiting once more!

We are looking for Range DPS and Melee DPS.

We are keen for Warrirors, Warlocks and Boomkins but will consider other classes. If you have the gear (715+) and the experience to match then we'd be interested in you. Please fill in an application on the recruitment page.

So we're 9/13 Mythic and we've decided to stop for Xmas.

Back raiding on the 4th!

Have a good Xmas and a Happy new year!

Gorefiend down! Finally earned our rank :)

Fel Lord Zakuun Down!

Frostbít a posted Dec 11, 15

Well that's all the 'Easy' bosses out of the way next stop true progress bosses. Wish us luck! :D

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Merry Christmas you filthy animals :)
Haha it's scrapyard :d Much has changed man. Just ask me for the PW next time on bnet
eyyy you mofos, ill try to log on to TS someday. Scott youre still a wanker and kiaran youre still the worst healer in EU
I can`t post !!!