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Well that was easy.

Onto Gorefiend 0_o

High Council Down

Frostbít a posted Thu at 15:53

High Council down!

Next boss is Killrog, wish us luck :)

With the valor boost. Bosses are dropping fast. We cleared all HFC HC and killed 2 bosses last night on Mythic in under 3 hours!

Today we progress on Council wish us luck!

We are still recruiting so please fill in the application form. Spots won't be there forever and the barrier to entry will keep getting higher as we progress!

So after about 5 weeks on SilverMoon we've build up a roster and were raiding Mythic. HC is nearly cleared in one night now with Archimonde left to the start of the next raid. 

Soon we'll be stopping HC all together and keeping the focus on Mythic (where it should be).

Were looking for Dedicated individuals that want to EARN Mythic not just have it handed to them.

At present were looking for the following:

Range DPS:


Melee DPS:



Shaman Resto

Mistweaver Monk

Holy Paladin

Fit the billl for any of the classes above? Then please apply!

Wyrm Slayers are looking for the following:

Tank (Not Paladin)

DPS Range (Full on mages)

DPS Melee

Healers (Ideally a Monk, Shaman or Paladin at present!)

We will be gearing through HC HFC until we are satisfied we have the DPS and HPS to make decent progress through Mythic.

This is a perfect time to get into raiding or to come back to raiding if you took a break.

Apply now! 

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