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So Garrosh is dead, huzzah :)
Yes we know it's a lot easier than before but it's still an achievement for a raiding team that's only been going for 2 weeks!

Many thanks for everyone that took part and helped allow us to make this happen.



Great start to our new Mythic team.

Garrosh would have gone down but were carrying some low ilvl's at the moment ;)

Gear will resolve this.

We will continue to recruit so if your looking to join a Mythic raiding team for WoD then please apply. 



So the patch hit. We qq'd about how broken our classes felt then got on with the raid.

Mythic SoO seems massively undertuned and we cakes walked through the first 8 bosses in under 2 hours.

Bearing in mind we were carrying about 10 new comers in 530 - 540 ilvl!.

We are still recruiting so please feel free to apply! :)

That's it.

Say good bye to valor, justice points and 10 man heroics (as we know them).

Can't say Mists of Panderia has been a great expansion but it hasn't been a bad one either.

Warlords is now just around the corner and i'm excited to be raiding something new.

Mythic will be a good transition for the guild shifting us from relying on 10 mans to get the job done.

Were still recruiting so please keep actively looking for players and if your reading this and are interested in joining then please click the recruitment page!


Requesting healers!

Frostbít a posted Oct 9, 14
Recruitment is making steady progress but with WoD fast approaching we still need some healers to help form our Mythic team!

If you would like to be a part of this and take part in the Mythic race for realm first then please go to our recruitment page :)

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