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Progress on Kromog!

Frostbít a posted Tue at 11:16

Kormog is proving to be a taxing fight but we've got him to 35% more than once. Hopefully this week will make the difference.

In other news one of our main healers is leaving us to focus on his new job. So we have an opening for the following types of healers:

Resto Shaman

Holy Paladin

Mistweaver Monk

You need to have 680+ ilvl, Mythic experience is ideal but not required.

TS3, with MIC and have a good raiding attitude.



Were the only guild on the realm at present to show this much drastic change in progress in a matter of weeks so great job everyone. Let's keep pushing and see where we end up!

Our push paid off!

Frostbít a posted Thu at 9:32

4  Mythic bosses down in under 2 hours.

Next stop Gruul!

Today's the day

Frostbít a posted May 20, 15

So were planning for a big push today the 6.2 patch is approaching and we want to nail a few more progress kills before it hits.

Wish us luck!

Making great progress

Frostbít a posted May 18, 15

So we've been raiding as a Mythic team for about 2 weeks now and were 4/10 Mythic.

Were confident we can get Gruul and Kromog this week taking us to 6/10 Mythic. 

We've also been making head way with the realm best times for CM gold modes! Sorry split seconds you can't have everything :P

Frostbít   published Progress on Kromog! on News
Frostbít   published Gruul down and the Mythic kills keep rolling. on News
Frostbít   published Our push paid off! on News
Frostbít   published Today's the day on News
Frostbít   published Making great progress on News
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