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Were still looking for the following classes:


1 x Warlock

1 x Hunter


Were looking for the following Healers:


1 x Paladin

1 x Shaman

1 x Holy Priest

We'll also consider the following Hybrid's


1 x SPriest/HPriest

1x Balance/resto Druid


Wish us luck in the foundry!

Mythic Butcher 26% Wipe

Frostbít a posted Feb 2, 15

Hi All,


Were progressing nicely on Mythic butcher and would have the kill tonight if it wasn't for some being not able to attend!


Hopefully we'll get a few more in the roster soon to make up for when some players can't attend due to RL issues!


Black Rock Foundry this week lets dig deep and plow through it!






Brackenspore down!

Frostbít a posted Jan 28, 15

So we finally killed Brackenspore on Monday.


We pushed hard on that fight and finally made some progress. Many thanks to everyone to putting in the extra effort.


Were going to try for one more progress kill this week before Black Rock Foundry. 


If you'd like to join the team then please fill in an application on the recruitment section!


See you soon...




Hopefully everyone had a great Xmas.

We are now recruiting for more Ranged Casters.

We require the following:

1 x Boomkin
1 x Warlock
1 x Shadow Priest

We are also looking at the following:

1 x Enhancement Shaman
1 x Holy Priest

Hi all,

So we finally did it.

Xmas is upon us so we'll continue the fight after Xmas.

Thanks all for making it happen.

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